dead ball foul

dead ball foul
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  • Dead-ball era — Ebbets Field in 1913 The dead ball era is a baseball term used to describe the period between 1900 (though some date it to the beginning of baseball) and the emergence of Babe Ruth as a power hitter in 1919. In 1919, Ruth hit a then league record …   Wikipedia

  • Dead ball — For the Japanese film, see Deadball. Dead ball is a phenomenon in many sports in which the ball is deemed temporarily not playable, and no movement may be made with it or the players from their respective positions of significance. Depending on… …   Wikipedia

  • Dead ball (baseball) — This article is about the baseball concept. For the era in baseball history, see Dead ball era.In baseball, when the ball is dead, no runners may advance beyond bases they are entitled to, and no runners may be put out. The ball becomes dead when …   Wikipedia

  • Foul ball — In baseball, a foul ball is a batted ball that is not a foul tip, and that:* passes out of the playing field in flight while over foul ground, or * first falls on foul territory beyond first or third base, or * bounds past first or third base on… …   Wikipedia

  • Ball in and out of play — The ball in and out of play is the ninth law of the Laws of the Game of association football, and describes to the two basic states of play in the game.In playThe ball remains in play from the beginning of each playing period to the end of that… …   Wikipedia

  • Live-ball era — The live ball era, also referred to as the lively ball era, is the period in Major League Baseball beginning in by|1920, following the dead ball era. During that year offensive statistics rose dramatically in what would be mistakenly attributed… …   Wikipedia

  • Flagrant foul — A flagrant foul is a serious contact foul involving unnecessary and/or excessive and/or intentional contact in sport. There is a specific National Basketball Association foul termed a flagrant foul. NBA flagrant foulsIn basketball, a personal… …   Wikipedia

  • Baseball (ball) — A baseball is a ball used primarily in the sport of the same name, baseball. It is generally between 9 inches (22.9 cm) and 9¼ inches (23.5 cm) in circumference, and 5 ounces avoirdupois (142 g) in weight, though sometimes different size balls… …   Wikipedia

  • Eight-ball — Eight ball, sometimes called stripes and solids and, more rarely, bigs and littles or highs and lows, is a pocket billiards (pool) game popular in much of the world, and the subject of international amateur and professional competition. Played on …   Wikipedia

  • Fair ball — In baseball, a fair ball is a batted ball that has not yet become a foul ball, and that...* settles on fair ground between home and first base, or between home and third base; or * is on or over fair territory when bounding past first or third… …   Wikipedia

  • Technical foul — In basketball, a technical foul (also known as a T or a Tech ) is any infraction of the rules penalized as a foul which does not involve physical contact during the course of play between players on the court, or is a foul by a non player. The… …   Wikipedia

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